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About Us

Company Profile

Al Watania Plastics is the leading regional manufacturer and distributor of plastic products. Established in 1982, Al Watania Plastics has a long heritage of manufacturing top-quality industry and consumer plastic products that cater for all needs.

Throughout 24 years of strenuous work and dedication, the company managed to occupy a distinguished position in the local and international markets to become one of the largest providers in the plastic industry. From day one, quality has been the primary focus of Al Watania. The company has always been responsive to the market’s growing need for first-class plastic products.

As a member of Al Watania For Industries (WFI), we are proud to be part of Shaikh/ Sulaiman Al Rajhi’s endowments.

Located at Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Al Watania Plastics plant is by far one of the biggest plastic manufacturing facilities in the kingdom and the Middle East, extending over a site of more than 80,000 sq meters, furnished with superior, state-of-the-art equipment, and staffed by 800 experienced engineers, technicians, and laborers.

Al Watania Plastics offers a huge and diverse product portfolio that satisfies both consumer and industry requirements, making Al Watania Plastics a one-stop source for all plastic products. Al Watania Plastics’ products cater for the needs of various industries including construction, packaging, agriculture, and food processing.

Among the wide range of products provided by Al Watania are construction and water requirements, packaging and cleaning material, safety material, farm requirements, and plastic toys. Products come in different shapes and sizes to suit the varying needs of our valued customers, and are manufactured according to international standards.

Out of the company’s deep understanding and belief in the customers’ right to a comprehensive, personalized service, the company has deployed sales and marketing departments in various places throughout the kingdom.

Al Watania Plastics is a subsidiary of the distinguished business conglomerate Al Watania for Industries.

The diverse products manufactured by Al Watania Plastics are in accordance with International and SASO specifications. It is your one-stop source for packaging, construction, and industrial, agriculture, and consumer plastic products.

Al Watania Plastics is certified ISO 9002 and has specialized departments for injection moldings, blow molding, rotational moldings, thermoforming, extruded Insulation polystyrene foam, blown film, rigid PVC pipes, conduits, strapping, and flexible packaging. This comprehensive and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is backed with highly qualified and experienced personnel in marketing, sales, and technical teams.

Al Watania Plastics has a fully equipped and state-of-art-design design studio which handles all design requirements from start to finish, to help turn the customer’s vision into reality. The design studio is equipped with the latest and most modern facilities in art work and plate making. These are managed by expert designers and process technicians. The studio offers a complete design process to satisfy the customer needs.

Al Watania Plastics maintains a sharp eye on the quality of its products. The quality control department does intensive evaluation of its suppliers, carries out thorough inspection of incoming materials, monitors production processes, and verifies the outgoing quality of its products.

The Q.C. Department is backed up with advanced and fully equipped laboratory and maintains extensive links with testing and research institutes both inside and abroad.

The company has on-going researches to evaluate and develop its products to meet different needs and global market trends.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-1-2650036

Fax: +966-1-2650905

P O Box 10554 Riyadh 11443

Our Vision

To be leader in Plastics Business in Saudi Arabia and Middle East Active in Packaging and building materials…

Our Mission

• Providing best quality and competitive price to our customers…
• Not only meeting their needs but serving them beyond their expectations…
• Investing in people…
• Benefiting the communities in which we operate…
• Maintaining safe and environment friendly processes…

Our Products