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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل


On Thursday November 01, 2018, Al Watania Plastics held the Fourth Knowledge Exchange Day forum for 2018 at the Company's head office in Riyadh under the slogan "Everybody Has Something to Teach, and Something to learn”. The forum was attended by WP President, GM, Directors, Department Managers, Employees and some representatives from WFI’s HO. Al Watania Plastics’ President Engr. Abdullah Al-Zahrani made an opening statement in which he explained the forum goals, vision and aspirations and thanked all participates and attendees. Then the speakers provided an explanation of several topics which attracted the attention and interaction of the attendees. The forum was concluded by honoring all participants. It is worth mentioning that this forum will be held periodically every three months, and it aims to present and exchange experiences, knowledge and information owned by employees of the Company in multiple fields which are not confined to the work or activity of the Company. Those fields are open to discussion to maximize benefits, to achieve knowledge enrichment and to develop presentation and dialogue skills between individuals, and thereby serving the interest of the individuals and the Company and qualifying participants to participate in external forums and conferences in the future.

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